Wagyu sukiyaki – beef hotpot with tofu, shiitake and vegetables

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Who says comfort food can't be elegant? Hideki Hiwatashi's one pot beef sukiyaki recipe is a fragrant Japanese hotpot packed with mushrooms, vegetables, tofu and folds of creamy Wagyu beef, simmered in a sweet soy and mirin broth – perfect for warming you up from the inside. The chef recommends serving this straight from the pot, placing it in the centre of the table for everyone to help themselves.

First published in 2016




Sukiyaki sauce

To serve


For the sukiyaki sauce, combine the soy sauce, mirin, sake and sugar together in a pan and stir well until thoroughly combined
Using the point of a sharp knife, carve decorative indentations into the shiitake mushroom and add this to the pan along with the other mushrooms, onions, leek, Chinese leaf and tofu. Place over a medium heat and bring up to the boil, then add the beef to the pan, cover with a lid and simmer gently for 3–5 minutes
Remove the pan from the heat and place in the centre of the table. Remove the lid, garnish with the mizuna leaf and serve directly from the pan
  • 20g of mizuna

With over fifteen years of rigorous Japanese culinary training behind him, Hideki Hiwatashi is well versed in the art of kaiseki cuisine.

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