Strawberry and orange soup with citrus cream and puff pastry crisps


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Strawberry and orange soup

Puff pastry crisps

  • 50g of puff pastry
  • icing sugar, for dusting

Citrus cream

  • 300g of whipping cream
  • 200g of crème fraîche
  • 50g of icing sugar
  • 1 orange, zest and juice

To serve

To make the strawberry soup, place the strawberries, sugar and orange zest in a large bowl and toss gently together. Cover the bowl with cling film and place over a pan of barely simmering water to form a bain marie, ensuring that the bowl does not touch the water
Allow to sit and steam very gently for 1 hour until the berries are soft and have released their juices
Line a sieve with muslin cloth and place over a clean bowl. Discard any berries left then let the liquid slowly strain through the cloth. Allow to cool
Juice the orange and strain through a fine sieve to ensure there are no bits. Mix into the strawberry soup and reserve in the fridge so it is nicely chilled before serving
To make the puff pastry crisps, dust a clean work surface with icing sugar and roll out the pastry. Dust with more icing sugar and continue rolling out until very thin, dusting every few rolls with more sugar – the pastry might have small holes, almost like a lattice
  • 50g of puff pastry
  • icing sugar, for dusting
Preheat the oven to 140°C/gas mark 1. Line a baking tray with baking paper
Carefully transfer the thin pastry to the baking tray then cover with another piece of baking paper and another baking tray to keep it flat. Bake for 10–15 minutes until golden-brown and crisp
Allow the pastry to cool then break into individual pieces. Reserve until ready to serve
Lightly whip the whipping cream until soft and voluminous. Gently fold through the crème fraîche and icing sugar, followed by the orange zest and juice until smooth and fully combined. Reserve in the fridge if not serving immediately
  • 300g of whipping cream
  • 200g of crème fraîche
  • 50g of icing sugar
  • 1 orange, zest and juice
To serve, peel and segment the 2 whole oranges. Cut 1 strip of peel into very fine julienne and reserve for garnish. Place a frying pan over a medium heat and when hot, add the orange segments and allow to lightly char and caramelise for a few minutes
Divide the halved strawberries and orange segments between serving bowls and scatter over the reserved peel
Add a scoop of the citrus cream and top with a puff pastry crisp. Pour some of the cold strawberry soup over and around the berries to finish. Garnish with edible flowers, if preferred
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