Star and snowflake Christmas cake

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Karen Burns-Booth finishes off her easy Christmas cake recipe with a simple marzipan and icing topping. Her Christmas cake decorating tips are easy to follow for a classic Christmas cake with a snowflake design.

First published in 2015

With Christmas just a few days away, now is the time to decorate the cake; as you will remember, I made my Christmas cake a few weeks ago. The cake has been 'fed' weekly with brandy and smells rich, fruity and just like Christmas!

I toyed with how to decorate my cake this year – I DO love the classic way of decorating a cake with royal icing and little plaster-of-Paris figurines, but I also love the effect you can achieve with a smooth fondant icing too.

So, based on some snowflake cutters I have in my box of decorating toys I decided on a simple but rather impressive snowflake and star cake, and as you can see from the photos, it’s fairly easy to decorate and looks stunning, with its big bow and glittery snowflakes and golden stars.

The step-by-step method, with photos, is shared below and this cake can be decorated on Christmas Eve morning, as unlike royal icing, the icing here doesn’t need to harden.

For this recipe you will need a 25cm cake board, 500cm of ribbon and a snowflake cutter.




  • 454g of ready to roll marzipan
  • 1kg ready to roll icing
  • 6 tbsp of apricot jam, warmed and sieved
  • 1 egg white, beaten
  • edible icing stars, gold
  • edible glitter, such as white sparkling snow colour (optional)
  • icing sugar, for dusting


Spread the sieved apricot jam, or you can buy special apricot baking glaze, in a thin layer all over the cake
Roll out the marzipan on a board dusted with icing sugar using a rolling pin and cover the cake, pushing it in to the sides. Trim the excess marzipan around the base. Allow to dry out for about 2–3 hours
Moisten the marzipan with a little warm water and then roll out the icing on a board dusted with icing sugar. Using a rolling pin, drape it over the marzipan, tuck it in around the cake and smooth it with a ruler, before trimming off any excess icing at the base of the cake – reserve these for the snowflakes
Carefully lift the cake on to the cake board using a large spatula or fish slice. Tie the ribbon around the cake and finish with a bow
With the excess icing trimmings, stamp out eight snowflakes and attach to the top of the cake with a little beaten egg white, which acts as an edible glue
Add seven edible gold stars, again using the beaten egg white, and then sprinkle the edible sparkling snow glitter, or a snowy flourish of icing sugar, all over the cake. Allow the icing to dry a little before storing in an airtight tin until ready to serve
First published in 2015

Karen Burns-Booth is a freelance food & travel writer, recipe developer and food stylist with a passion for local, seasonal ingredients.

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