Rib-eye of beef with soy and spice


First published in 2015
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Place the chilli, lemongrass, ginger, garlic, spring onion, soy sauce, lime and olive oil into a bowl and whisk together
Place the steaks in the marinade and leave for 1 hour in the fridge. Remove the steak and season with salt and pepper
Place a large frying pan over a high heat and once hot, add the steak (no oil should be required)
Once the steak is sealed in the pan, turn over and sear on the other side until a similar colour is achieved
While the steak is still cooking add the marinade to the pan and remove from the heat to form a sauce. Remove the pan from the heat. For a rare steak, you do not need to cook the steak further in the oven
For a medium-rare steak, place in the oven preheated at 200˚C/gas mark 6 for 2 minutes (increase this number by 2 minute increments for medium, medium-well and well-done finishes). Remove the steaks from the oven and set aside to rest for 4 minutes
Remove the steak from the oven and allow to rest for 2-4 minutes. Pour over the marinade and serve with a side of steamed greens, rice or potatoes and fresh coriander
First published in 2015
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