Potato soup

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Andrew MacKenzie adds a touch of luxury to a simple, rustic potato soup by serving it with a dollop of truffle cream. By keeping the flavours of the soup simple, the grated truffle will really shine through, making this a hearty, yet elegant, starter for a Winter menu.

First published in 2015




Potato soup


  • Blender
  • Fine chinoise


Start the potato soup by sweating the sliced onion and garlic together in a heavy pan. Once they start to colour add the sliced potatoes and vegetable nage
Cook until the onions and potatoes are soft. Once soft, blend the contents of the pan and pass through a fine sieve
In a bowl, add sea salt to the whipped cream and grate in a generous amount of black truffle
Dispense the contents of the blender into four bowls and top each soup with a good dollop of the truffle cream
First published in 2015

Andrew MacKenzie was destined to be a chef, inspired by his uncles, who both cooked professionally. Over his career, he has championed British produce and become a true authority on Sussex's local larder.

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