White peach and marigold sherbet

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This stunning dessert from Ollie Dabbous combines peach and marigold sorbets – a combination Ollie says is as perfect as tomato and basil. The peach crisps on top provide a subtle crunch, and while the frozen ice block looks stunning, feel free to replace this with a bowl if making at home!

First published in 2018
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Sorbet base (make at least 6 hours before use)

  • 420g of water
  • 300g of caster sugar
  • 33g of Super neutrose
  • 220g of atomised glucose

Marigold sorbet

Peach skin crisps

  • 8 white peaches
  • 200g of caster sugar
  • 350g of water
  • 5g of ascorbic acid

Roasted peach sherbet


  • Pacojet or ice cream maker
  • Hand blender
  • Blender
  • Fine sieve
  • Dehydrator
  • Juicer
  • Thermometer
  • Ice


Begin by placing a stainless steel bowl in the freezer 24 hours before you plan to serve the sorbet
To make the sorbet base for both the sorbets, mix together the sugar, super neutrose and atomised glucose
  • 220g of atomised glucose
  • 300g of caster sugar
  • 33g of Super neutrose
Bring the water to 50°C and add the sugar mixture, using a hand blender to make sure everything is well-mixed and smooth
  • 420g of water
Bring the mixture to the boil, then allow to cool completely and reserve in the refrigerator
To make the marigold sorbet, use a juicer to juice the apples until you have 850g of juice. Pass through a fine sieve and immediately mix it the lemon juice and ascorbic acid to prevent it from oxidising
Blend the juice with 400g of the sorbet base in a blender then transfer to a bowl, leaving a small amount of the mixture behind
Add the marigold leaves to the blender and blitz to form a thick paste. When all the marigold is fully broken down, add the rest of the sorbet base and blend again
Pass the mixture through a fine sieve and churn in an ice-cream machine. Reserve in the freezer until ready to serve
For the peach skin crisps, score the bottom of the peaches and place into boiling water for 1 minute. Immediately transfer them into ice water to prevent them from cooking further
Remove the skins from the peaches, try to keep the pieces of skin intact and in nice long strips. Reserve the peaches to one side for the purée
Boil the water and sugar then add the ascorbic acid and finally the the peach skins. Immediately turn off the heat and leave the peach skins to cool to room temperature in the syrup
  • 5g of ascorbic acid
  • 200g of caster sugar
  • 350g of water
Strain the peach skins, removing the excess syrup. Lay the peach skins out flat on a tray and dry in a dehydrator at 45ᵒC, or in a very low oven with the door ajar. Flip the skins after 1 hour. Leave in the dehydrator until fully dry and crisp. If not serving immediately, the peach skin crisps can be stored in an airtight container with a silica gel sachet to keep them dry for up to one week
To make the roasted peach sherbet, preheat the oven to 170°C/gas mark 4
Roast the peaches for 18–20 minutes – you want them to be cooked but not to have taken on too much colour. Remove the peaches from the oven and slice into quarters, removing the kernel
  • 8 peaches, reserved from making the crisps
Blend all the flesh and measure out a kilogram. Add 375g of the sorbet base and blend together
Add in the yoghurt and the lemon juice and blend once again
Pass through a fine sieve and churn in an ice cream machine. Place in the freezer until ready to serve
To serve, take the frozen stainless steel bowl and ripple 4 scoops of the peach sherbet with 4 scoops of the marigold sorbet. Scoop out a spoon and place on the frozen ice block – or a bowl!
Garnish with 2 marigold leaves and 2 dried peach skins
First published in 2018

After quietly honing his craft in some of the world’s best kitchens, Ollie Dabbous exploded onto the London food scene with his eponymous restaurant in 2012. Today, he’s at the helm of Hide – one of the most ambitious culinary projects the city has ever seen – showcasing his iconic ingredient-led cooking in stunning surroundings.

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