Panzanella with goat's cheese and tomato jelly

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Panzanella, or Tuscan bread salad, came about as a way to use old bread. With a whole host of fresh, vibrant flavours including baby fennel and goat's cheese, this exquisite panzanella recipe screams summer but will take some mastering. The red pepper powder included is not essential, while raspberry vinegar can be purchased online

First published in 2015




Marinated fennel

Goat's cheese balls

Tomato jelly

Pepper relish

Panzanella garnish


  • Mandoline


For the tomato essence, combine all the ingredients together and mix well. Put into a food processor and blend into a coarse pulp
Hang the pulp in a double muslin cloth overnight in the fridge, placing a bowl underneath to collect all the tomato water as it seeps out
Reserve 100ml for the soaking of the foccacia cubes
Soften the gelatine leaves in cold water for 10 minutes. Place a small amount of the tomato essence into a small pot. Bring to the boil and then remove from the heat
  • 7 gelatine leaves
Squeeze the cold water off the gelatine and place into the hot liquid until completely dissolved. Place into a suitable container and leave in the fridge to set
Preheat the oven to 180˚C/gas mark 4. To make the red pepper relish, lightly coat the peppers in a little vegetable oil and place onto a baking tray. Roast in the oven for up to 45 minutes or until the skin starts to blister and slightly blacken
Remove the peppers from the oven and place into a bowl. Cover with cling film and allow to cool and sweat for 30 minutes
Peel the peppers and remove all the seeds, avoid using water to rinse off the seeds and this will wash away a lot of flavour. Finely dice the pepper and combine with the shallots
For the goat's cheese balls, place the butter and oil in a pan. Once the butter begins to foam add the breadcrumbs and cook over a medium heat, stirring until the breadcrumbs are starting to turn golden and crispy
  • 100g of butter
  • 50ml of extra virgin olive oil
  • 100g of breadcrumbs
Place both sugars, raspberry vinegar and mustard seeds together in a pan and reduce to a sticky syrup. Pour over the peppers and allow to macerate overnight. Just before serving, add the fresh basil
Add the chopped herbs and season, pour into a sieve to drain of any excess oil. Transfer to absorbent towel and leave in a warm place. Change the absorbent towel a couple of times to remove as much of the oil as possible and set aside to cool
Roll the goat's cheese into 15g balls and when ready to serve, roll in the breadcrumbs to coat in a crunchy layer
Marinate the fennel with lemon juice, olive oil and salt to taste and leave for 30 minutes to impart flavour
Soak the stale foccacia cubes in the reserved tomato essence
To serve, arrange all the salad ingredients onto the plate and ensure that each element can be seen. Finish with the tomato jelly and serve
First published in 2015

Phil Fanning remains one of the brightest, most interesting chefs of the British food scene, creating beautiful, intricate plates of food at the magnificent Paris House in Woburn Abbey.

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