Charred green beans with sauté potatoes, chermoula and fried almonds

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This easy vegan side dish plays on simple but effective texture and flavour contrasts – the crunch of sweet, earthy almonds versus crispy sauté potatoes and charred green beans. The addition of chermoula brings the zing of preserved lemon and herbs to the table too, making this equally suitable as a vegan main course. This is one of our favourite summer vegan recipes – click the link for more.

First published in 2019

You can make this dish all in one pan if you want to save on washing up, but it's a little quicker to have a couple of pans on the go.

We used our own chermoula recipe for this dish, which you can find here. Shop bought versions are perfectly good, but as always, making your own gives you more versatility and often turns out fresher.

A few small alterations can really adapt this dish to different situations. This version – with crispy potatoes, dry-roasted beans and fragrant chermoula – is rich and earthy, but you could lighten things by gently blanching the beans instead, boiling your potatoes and serving as a sort of potato salad with a vegan mayonnaise. Either way, the basic combination of potato, beans, preserved lemon, herbs and almonds is a winner.






Green beans


Start by frying your almonds – pour three tablespoons of olive oil into a small pan and put over a medium-high heat. Get a sieve ready over a heatproof bowl so you can drain your almonds when they start to colour – it's important to do this now so your almonds don't burn! Fry your flaked almonds in the oil until they're a light golden colour, then drain in the sieve, keeping the oil in the bowl underneath
Scatter the almonds on kitchen paper to drain the remaining oil, and season with salt and sugar
Pour the infused almond oil into a non-stick frying pan and heat until the oil is shimmering, then add your diced potato into the pan. Fry until the potato is golden brown on all sides, then season with sea salt and pepper and drain on kitchen paper
Return the pan to the heat and dry-fry your beans until they are charred and wrinkly. How far you take them is really up to you – you might want to do this in two batches depending on the size of your pan
Once your beans are collapsed and nicely blackened, tip them into a bowl and mix with the chermoula until the beans are well coated. Season to taste with sea salt and pepper
To serve, simply combine the green beans and potatoes and top with the fried almonds. Finish with a bit more sea salt and pepper if necessary
First published in 2019

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