Summer berry gazpacho

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Adam Byatt's refreshing dessert requires overnight maceration time to extract maximum flavour from the berries. The weight of the berries should roughly equal 1kg, but you can create your own balance depending on your favourite berry and how strong you like the flavour. Try with alternative additions, such as a vanilla pod or orange zest.

First published in 2015




Berry gazpacho

To serve


  • Muslin cloth
  • Blender


In preparation, hull the strawberries and pick over the berries and currants. Select 12 of the best of each berry to use as garnish
Dice the watermelon, discarding the skin and seeds. Peel, deseed and chop the cucumber. Place the fruits and cucumber in a bowl with the sugar and 2 sprigs of mint. Cover and leave in the fridge overnight
The next day, pour the contents of the bowl into a blender and blitz until smooth. Set a colander over a bowl and line the colander with a damp piece of muslin or cheesecloth (or a damp thin tea towel). Pour the puréed fruits into the cloth and leave in the fridge overnight
The following morning the liquid should have seeped through into the bowl - this is the berry gazpacho
To serve, divide the reserved strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, red currants and blueberries across 6 bowls
Pick the leaves off the remaining mint sprigs and tear. Scatter the torn mint over the fruits, then ladle the chilled gazpacho over the top. On a very hot day, add the ice cube and serve with yoghurt or sorbet

Adam Byatt is a creative and accomplished Michelin-starred chef with a passion for British food. Starting his career aged sixteen, Adam has earned a reputation for honest cooking designed to showcase the very best local produce

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