Raspberry wheat beer sorbet with marinated raspberries and raspberry beer jelly


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Raspberry beer syrup

Sorbet base

Jelly base

Marinated raspberries

To serve

First make the syrup - this will form part of the sorbet and jelly, and be used to marinate the raspberries. Place the raspberry beer, sugar and glucose in a pan and bring to the boil. Set aside to cool completely
Now make the sorbet. Measure 660ml of the raspberry syrup and mix with the 660ml raspberry beer and crushed raspberries
Churn in an ice cream machine then place in freezer until required
Measure out 70ml of the raspberry syrup and set aside - this will be used to make the jelly. Marinate the raspberries in the remaining syrup for a couple of hours
Place the reserved 70ml of raspberry syrup in a pan and heat gently. Add the soaked gelatine, stirring until the gelatine has dissolved completely
  • 4 gelatine leaves, soaked
Add the raspberry beer and cool in a bowl set over ice as quickly as possible - this will set the gas bubbles into the jelly and it will be slightly fizzy. The jelly must be eaten within a few hours of making it if you want to keep the fizz, as it dies after a couple of hours
To assemble the dish, place the marinated raspberries in the bottom of a bowl with a little of the syrup. Place a little of the jelly in the bowl on top of the raspberries then place a nice big quenelle of the beer sorbet on top of that
Garnish with fresh mint When at the table, pour a little bit of ice cold raspberry beer over the sorbet
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