Bacon, apple and rosemary mini pies

Bacon apple and rosemary mini pies


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Legend has it that the pie first appeared in ancient Greece. It was used as an offering to the goddess Artemis, and linked to crops, nature, hunting and fertility. This sweet pastry topped offering to the Greek goddess was round, with a connection to the moon.

Now there are countless varieties of pies. They can be open topped, semi-open (lattice) or closed. Cooking methods vary from fried to baked. The pastry composition of the base and topping is also varied (including puff, filo, shortcrust pastry and biscuit based). Cultures across the world have created their own pie inspired dishes - including - pita, pizza, quiche, and pies with meringue toppings. The possibilities are endless.

How old is the 'pie'?

According to The Oxford English Dictionary: 'the first use of the word 'pie' as it relates to food can be traced back to 1303. The name was well-known and popular by 1362.

For this year's British Pie Week, I've created some mini pies. Made with a crisp filo pastry casing they hold a contrasting filling. The sweet flavour comes from the apples and the saltiness from the bacon. The rosemary and spices lend an extra layer of taste as well as an enticing aroma.

Preheat the oven to 190°C/gas mark 5
Add the diced bacon into a pan and cook until crisp. Reserve
In a deep dish, blend the brown sugar, flour, cinnamon, nutmeg, cardamom and rosemary together. Add the sliced apple, coating them well. Reserve
Add the sliced apple, coating them well
Prepare the individual tins/ramekins; I used ramekins, grease each one very well. Be generous, you will thank me later!
Unroll the filo pastry. Working quickly, separate the layers of filo pastry, as you need them, keeping the remaining sheets protected with cling film or a damp tea towel
Brush each sheet with the melted butter and layer up each ramekin with layers of pastry. Each ramekin should have 1 1/2 sheets to make your finished dish sturdier. Brush melted butter all over the pastry. Place the spiced apple slices into each of the pie shells, and distribute evenly
Beat 2 eggs with salt and pepper. Pour over the apples, and top with the crisp bacon. Cook in the oven for 15 minutes
Pour over the apples, and top with the crisp bacon
Let them cool for 10 minutes before taking out the tins/ramekins
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