Greg Malouf

Greg Malouf

Born in Melbourne to Lebanese parents, Greg Malouf is a recognised authority on Middle Eastern cuisine.

Malouf completed his training in France, Italy, Austria and Hong Kong before returning to Melbourne where between 2001 and 2012, he was Executive Chef of MoMo restaurant in Melbourne. The authoritative Age Good Food Guide awarded "two hats" (roughly the equivalent of two Michelin stars) for Malouf's style of new Middle Eastern cuisine that fuses the traditional cooking of the region with modern western techniques and presentation.

The restaurant also scooped the guide's Dish of the Year award in 2010 for the signature chorizo and pine nut-stuffed veiled quail. In spring 2012, Malouf relocated to London to take over from fellow Australian Skye Gyngell as Head Chef of the Michelin-starred Petersham Nurseries Cafe on the outskirts of Richmond where his arrival was greeted with a flurry of positive press reviews. After regaining its Michelin star, Malouf left Petersham Nurseries and returned to his native Australia in the Autumn of 2012.

On a recent visit to Lebanon, he received an award in recognition of his contribution to Lebanese food culture outside the country, and legendary Australian chef and restaurateur Alla Wolf-Tasker has said that Malouf was the "instigator of Middle Eastern cuisine in Australia", a major contribution to the culinary history of this country. Malouf has authored six award-winning food books including Arabesque, Saha and most recently, New Middle Eastern Food.