Your Christmas, sorted

by Great British Chefs 6 December 2021

Mains and sides, cheese and puds, the traditional or the unusual – we’ve got hundreds of festive recipes to mix-and-match into your ultimate Christmas feast. Take a look at our favourite dishes all in one place and make this year’s Christmas dinner the best ever.

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Christmas dinner can always be a bit stressful – not enough oven space, a spreadsheet's worth of timings and instructions, the fear of food going cold before you can get it to the table – but provided you organise yourself (and rope in a few extra hands to help) it can be a real joy. Every year there are new recipes, twists, tricks and methods all promising to produce the best Christmas dinner ever, but who better to turn to than the best chefs in the UK for inspiration?

This year, we've broken down the classic Christmas dinner into its individual components, pulling together some of our favourite recipes for each element from top chefs. This means you can pick and choose what you like the look of – be it super traditional or something new – building your ultimate Christmas dinner from the ground up. Take a look at all the sections below, pick your favourite from each and enjoy cooking your way through recipes from true experts. Happy Christmas!

Christmas 2021

For more recipe ideas, features and guides that go beyond the main event, head to our hub and have the best, greediest and food-filled Christmas of your life.

The bird

Whether you're after a classic turkey done right or fancy going all-out with goose, these recipes will ensure the centrepiece of your dinner is cooked to perfection.


Everyone secretly knows it's the potatoes that can make or break Christmas dinner. Go for our classic roast spuds, try some new seasonings or push the boat out with dauphinoise for extra luxury.


Roast, boiled, buttered or glazed in honey (or all four!), carrots add colour and sweetness to a spread. Here's how to make them sing.

Brussels sprouts

Anyone who says they don't like sprouts simply haven't had them cooked properly – convert those around your table to the joys of these little green spheres with one of these recipes.


The sweet earthiness of a parsnip is one of winter's best flavours – and they certainly deserve a spot on your Christmas dinner plate.


Braised cabbage adds tang to cut through the richness of a festive roast – making it an essential element of the meal. Give it oomph with one of these delicious takes on the classic. 


Sage and onion is the classic combo, but everything from apricots and pistachios to sausage and chicken livers can make the stuffing just as in-demand as the meat on the table. Leave the packet mix on the shelf and create something special.

Sauces and gravy

Cranberry jelly, bread sauce, a proper gravy – these are the things that bring all the elements of a Christmas dinner together in one joyous amalgamation of festive flavour. 

Extra sides

Want to go beyond the norm and add a bit of excitement to your side dish game? These recipes encompass everything from pumpkin and cauliflower to cavolo nero and turnip, all with a festive twist.

Vegetarian and vegan

Catering for veggies and vegans? Fear not – we've got some incredible ideas for meat-free mains, plant-based treats and more.


Not that we exactly need extra luxury around Christmas, but a baked, gooey cheese with something crunchy to scoop it up with is always a winner – try one of these simple recipes to convince everyone to make room for just a little more snacking.

Something sweet

Christmas cakes, yule logs, pannetones – there's no end to the sweet treats closely associated with 25 December. Go for a classic or try something new from this collection of heavenly delights.

Mince pies

Nothing beats a homemade mince pie. Fill your house with the comforting aromas of buttery pastry and mincemeat to get everyone in the festive spirit.