Your Christmas, sorted: Brussels sprouts

by Great British Chefs 1 December 2021

Notorious crowd-splitters, Brussels sprouts can conjure some serious division. When done well, however, they really are hard to beat on Christmas Day. These are six of our favourite Brussels sprouts recipes.

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Brussels sprouts are an incredibly versatile vegetable which deserved to be enjoyed long before and after Christmas Day. That said, people still recoil in horror at the sight of them, due to mushy, over-boiled sprouts of Christmas past. Give them due care and attention, however, and they can steal the side dish show at the table. There are too many different classic sprout combinations to name, but these six recipes feature some of our favourites.

Classic Brussels sprouts

Sometimes things are best kept simple and classic and that's exactly what Dominic Chapman does in his Brussels sprouts recipe. By blanching them in water before pan-frying in butter, he allows the flavour of the sprouts truly shine through.

Brussels sprouts with chestnuts and pancetta

Ben Tish puts an Italian spin on a traditional Christmas combination in this recipe by finely slicing the sprouts and adding mustard seeds. By tossing them in the pancetta fat and frying them for only five minutes, the sprouts maintain their sweetness and crunch.

Charred sprouts with orange zest

This recipe from Michael Bremner is all about getting lovely colour on the outside of the sprouts to give them a sweet, caramelised crunch. Finished with a generous grating of orange zest, this vibrant plate looks wonderful on the table and tastes just as good.

Fried Brussels sprouts with a lemon, sage and Parmesan crumb

You might not associate Brussels sprouts with Parmesan but Luke Holder's recipe combines it with sage and lemon to create a crunchy crumb. This is then sprinkled over the top of fried sprouts to provide added texture.

Saffron and pistachio butter Brussels sprouts

Sprouts can stand up to all sorts of big flavours and this recipe sees them given a heady, scented makeover. Tossed in a saffron and pistachio butter, these are sure to turn heads and offer up an aromatic element that works really well with the rest of a Christmas dinner.

Winter greens with walnut butter

There's no reason why Brussels sprouts can't be mixed together with a selection of other seasonal greens. Here they're combined with kale, leeks and broccoli and topped with a simple walnut butter to create the ultimate Christmas side dish.

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