Your Christmas, sorted: parsnips

by Great British Chefs 1 December 2021

One of the essential Christmas dinner sides, there are countless delicious ways that parsnips can be prepared. These are just a few of our favourite parsnip recipes for Christmas.

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With so many different sides in the mix at Christmas, parsnips can sometimes be overlooked and simply thrown in a roasting tray with a bit of salt and oil – but they deserve just as much attention as the other elements. These three amazing recipes unlock the flavour of these earthy winter roots.

Turmeric and curry leaf roast parsnips

Parsnips are known to pair brilliantly with spice and that's why Anna Hansen chooses to flavour them with turmeric and curry leaf in this great alternative Christmas dinner side. A lovely warming dish that despite its southern Indian flavour profile, matches up surprisingly well with everything else on the plate.

Maple-roasted parsnips with red wine vinegar

Elevating the root vegetable to another level, Michael Bremner's recipe involves glazing the roasted parsnips in maple syrup, butter and red wine vinegar for a perfect balance of sweetness, richness and sharpness. 

Roast parsnips with bacon, olives, sage and sprout leaves

Peter Gordon is the godfather of fusion cuisine for a reason – he knows how to take what looks like an unusual combination of flavours and makes them sing together in perfect harmony.

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