Discover how powerful a Vitamix blender can be in the kitchen, acting as a sous chef to help you create incredible food and drink.

It’s only when you really start to think about all the different things a high-powered blender can do that you realise just what a useful tool it can be. Soups and smoothies are a given, but what about sauces, dips, cocktails, pastry, mousses, spice rubs and ice cream?

Of all the blenders out there, it’s Vitamix that really ticks all our boxes – we’ve never come across one that can boast such power and efficiency. That’s why it’s our blender of choice. They’re durable, come with a ten-year warranty, are easy to clean, can produce a whole range of different textures (from silky smooth to coarse and chunky) and can blitz pretty much any ingredient with ease. Even tasks like cutting down on food waste are made infinitely easier with a Vitamix, and the flavour it manages to coax out of ingredients makes a huge difference to the final dish. It's no wonder that some of the best chefs in the world have a commercial Vitamix in their restaurant kitchens.

All of Vitamix’s high-powered blenders are incredible pieces of kit, but it’s the all-new Ascent™ Series that really gets us excited. With a built-in timer, specific settings for different dishes and incredible technology that can detect what’s in the container and adjust speed and power accordingly, it really is the pinnacle of kitchen technology.

Whether you’re the proud owner of a Vitamix already or are still deciding whether to buy one, the recipes below are all made possible thanks to the precision of these high-powered blenders. Take a look, get inspired and see just how many ways a Vitamix can help you in the kitchen.

Soups and sauces

Showstopping starters

Looking to impress at your next dinner party? Try this beautiful smoked salmon dish from chef Galton Blackiston – the smooth, lightly whipped salmon mousse comes encased in thin slices of smoked salmon and is guaranteed to turn heads.

Pastry class

Breakfast done right

Getting bored of cereal? Whip up these incredible vanilla-infused crumpets with cinnamon cream for breakfast this weekend, using the Vitamix to create a silky, lump-free batter.

Cocktail hour

Magnificent mains

Catch of the day

This baked hake would make a stunning fish course for any dinner party, but what really makes it sing is the vibrant, flavourful dill oil used to dress the dish.

Something different

Spice rubs and pastes

And for dessert…