A voyage of discovery: Majestic Wine Club

by Great British Chefs 21 September 2022

It’s all too easy to get caught in a rut of always drinking the same types of wine and that’s why Majestic are on a mission to introduce people to a wider variety of styles through their Wine Club. We chat to Majestic’s Master of Wine, Elizabeth Kelly, about the importance of exploring different wines.

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One of the most exciting things about the world of food and drink is the way that trends constantly change. A particular ingredient or cuisine may be talk of the town one year, only to be usurped by something new the next. This is exactly the same in wine, where certain regions, countries and styles go in and out of fashion depending on factors like price, harvest and availability. Nevertheless, there’s still a tendency for many wine drinkers to find a style or region which they like and stick to it, rather than trying new things. Retailers like Majestic, however, are all about showcasing the vast range of different wines available from all corners of the world, and their Wine Club allows people to go on a voyage of wine discovery, guided by experts.

‘I think wine is similar to most things in life, in the way that we tend to gravitate towards the things we’re most familiar with,’ explains Majestic’s Master of Wine, Elizabeth Kelly, who helps curate the cases for the Wine Club, ‘wine can also be quite a daunting subject, but I think exploration is really important. In the past few years in particular, there have been a lot of changes in pricing due to bad harvests in some big regions, so, to find value for money, customers are needing to look further afield and discover some of the more up-and-coming areas. That’s why we put Wine Club together – so that we can offer people wines that they feel safe with, whilst also showing them what else is out there.’

Wine Club by Majestic releases a different themed case four times a year, which have been carefully put together by Elizabeth and her team. Themes might vary from a certain wine region to a particular style of winemaking or growing environment, with each case aimed at introducing customers to wines they might have tried before. Depending on the level of wine that you’re looking for, there are three tiers of case for each theme (Discovery, Tour and Grand Tour), whilst there’s also the choice to opt for only red or only whites. For each case, Majestic even curate a brochure full of bespoke recipes, designed by professional chefs and (industry-renowned) food writers, all designed to pair with the selection of wines.

As with any wine merchant, Majestic are always hoping to be ahead of the trend but equally, they’re not going out specifically in search of the next big thing. However, their history of launching now-huge wine brands like The Ned into market is a testament to the buying team’s knowledge. ‘For us, it’s all about going out and sourcing great quality wines which are really delicious,’ explains Elizabeth. ‘As a company of wine experts, we should be finding the new, interesting wines before everyone else. If we set a trend on the way, that’s great, but it’s not what we’re setting out to do. Twenty-five years ago, New Zealand Sauvignon Blancs weren’t really a thing, but we discovered and helped launch The Ned because they were making delicious wine, and now they’re a massive name.’ Joining Majestic’s Wine Club is therefore, the ultimate way of discovering these wines like The Ned ahead of the masses.

Wine Club by Majestic’s most recent case is themed around South Africa – a winemaking region which people may know a little about already, but one which Elizabeth feels is going through a particularly exciting period currently. ‘In the UK, South Africa is often seen as a cheap country to buy wine from,’ she says, ‘but the quality of wine coming from there is absolutely fantastic and really good value too. They had a really tough time there during the pandemic there was a ban on even exporting wine but they’ve still been investing a lot into how they’re making their wines and some really interesting producers are coming through. There’s uch a vitality in the industry out there at the moment.’

Even if you’re someone who’s wanting to discover new wines, it can be difficult knowing where to start. With their Wine Club, Majestic’s experts are doing the hard work for you by seeking out the most interesting, exciting wines of the moment and delivering them directly to your door. Never has it been easier to explore the world of wine, so why not give Wine Club by Majestic a try?

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