Easy ways to make the best ever Easter Sunday roast

Easy ways to make the best-ever Easter Sunday roast

by Tom Wildman 30 March 2017

Easter Sunday provides the perfect excuse to whip up a memorable feast for friends and family. Read our top tips and recipes for the ultimate Easter Sunday roast.

A Cordon Bleu graduate from Tante Marie Culinary Academy, Tom shares his food passions both in the kitchen and by writing about his favourite dishes.

Although a history graduate, Tom soon realised his call for the culinary arts and trained for a Cordon Bleu qualification at Tante Marie Culinary Academy. He loves sharing his equal passions for food and travel, with Mexican and Vietnamese foods being top of his hit list. When not in the kitchen, he can be found out on a foraging trip or perhaps playing ultimate frisbee.

Gathering friends and family around the table for an Easter celebration is always a special time of year, and it’s well worth planning ahead to ensure a stress-free meal. Browse our Easter roast guide and be inspired to create your own memorable Easter menu.

Essential lamb

The tradition of eating lamb on Easter Sunday is observed throughout the world and has its roots in Christianity. Easter coincides with spring lamb, which is when the meat is at its most tender. Roast lamb studded with rosemary and anchovy is a classic combination and a simple way to enhance the flavour of spring lamb, but if you’re after something a little more luxurious, complete with spring vegetables and stuffing, Brian Webb’s Roast lamb with parsley and pine nut stuffing is certainly worth a look.

Lamb is incredibly versatile and a staple in many different cultures, so don’t feel you have to stick with traditional British recipes. Impress your friends with Scott Hallsworth sumptuous Tea-smoked barbecued lamb chops with spicy Korean miso or spice up your Sunday with Alan Murchison’s fragrant Moroccan lamb with harissa-spiced couscous and chickpea salsa. Push your culinary skills to the limit with Alyn Williams incredible Fillet, shoulder and belly of lamb recipe, which is accompanied by a kale compote, glazed Roscoff onions and a rich lamb jus – just allow plenty of time to cook it!

Something different

Lamb is quite a strongly flavoured meat and isn’t to everyone's taste, so why not opt for something different this Easter? In the U.S glazed ham is an Easter favourite, while in Portugal and parts of South America bacalhau (salt cod) is traditionally eaten. Rosana McPhee’s three-course menu guide includes a delicious salt cod and chorizo casserole that would be perfect for a lighter lamb-free lunch. Even the fussiest of eaters can’t say no to a good roast chicken; take a look at our roast chicken collection for a selection of inspired recipes from Britain's top chefs.

Feast on veg

If you are vegetarian or simply fancy a meat-free meal, there are plenty of tempting alternatives. Andy Waters’ Veggie wellington makes an impressive centerpiece for a Sunday lunch and is a great way to enjoy the tail-end of the sweet potato season, while Becca Pusey elevates the traditional Yorkshire pudding to new heights with her delicious mushroom and brie-stuffed Yorkshire puddings. Adam Byatt replaces the traditional pastry tart base with a simple bread dough for his stunning Butternut squash, pear and gorgonzola flatbread tart.

Seasonal sides

After the culinary excesses of the festive season, Easter lunch is a great opportunity for home cooks to welcome spring vegetables back into their kitchens. Purple sprouting broccoli is at its best in February and April, making Josh Eggleton’s simple yet delicious purple sprouting with hazelnuts a perfect Easter lunch side. As the names suggests, spring greens are always delicious this time of year, as they begin to make their first appearance of the season; take a look at our how to guide for step by step instructions for cooking this underrated vegetable.

If your family is like mine, a potato-free roast simply isn’t worth having. For a stress-free side dish guaranteed to satisfy your potato cravings, try Lisa Allen’s roasties recipe, or if you're lucky enough to get your hands on the first of the year’s early crop, keep it simple with Marcello Tully’s crushed new potatoes.