How to cook spring greens

Hispi cabbage

How to cook spring greens

by Great British Chefs5 June 2015

How to cook spring greens

As their name suggests, spring greens are at their best in the spring and summer months. They are deep green in colour, but have one distinct feature that separates them from all the other types of cabbage: they don’t have a central ‘heart’, so are simply a bundle of leaves connected at the root. Spring greens are a cost efficient, easy to prepare vegetable.

What to look for when buying spring greens

If the leaves are slightly darker at the edges and look limp, they are past their best, select firm bright looking cabbage.

How to cook spring greens

There are also delicious when sweated down in a little butter in a frying pan, try adding a squeeze of lemon after cooking.

Despite its name, 'crispy seaweed' is actually made out of spring greens. This is a crunchy, moreish side that takes little time to prepare, so give it a go when planning an East Asian inspired dinner party.

What spring greens go with

Spring greens work well with most other ingredients as an accompaniment, try them in stir fries or in place of savoy cabbage. Graham Campbell uses them in his Herb stuffed pork loin dish alongside Jersey Royals.

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