This luxurious lobster recipe from Shaun Rankin is a real treat on a summer's day, eaten al fresco with a glass of wine. The rich, tender lobster meat holds up well against the spicy and fragrant flavours of the avocado guacamole and fennel. Freshly cooked live lobsters are far superior in flavour and texture to the pre-cooked alternative so be brave. Lobster salad is a great tasting and impressive seafood dish. 

Start by preparing the lobsters. Put the lobsters in a freezer. This will render them insensate. Boil some water. Once the lobster is insensate, place it on its back with its claws tied and hold it firmly by the top of its head
Desensitizing a lobster
If it is still resistant to being handled or has control of its limbs, leave it in the freezer. It may take several hours for the lobster to become insensate
Place the tip of a very sharp chef's knife on the head just beneath its mouth, lining the blade up with the lobster’s midline with the blade side pointed toward its tail. The first cut should be directed forwards toward the head, and the second backwards down the midline towards the tail
Pierce the lobster’s head downward, then place the knife tip just to the body side of the junction of its tail and thorax and cut through the midline. The procedure must not take more than 10 seconds. For diagrams and more detailed information, visit the RSPCA’s website
Once the lobsters are dead, pull each head away from the tail and pull the claws off. Cook the tails in simmering water for 3 minutes and the claws for 5. Put both into iced water for 5 minutes. Drain
Remove all the flesh from the cooked body and tail. Crack the claws and extract all the flesh. Chill the flesh until needed, reserving the shells
Slice the tail meats into 1cm pieces then place back in the opposite half of the shell to the one you removed the meat from, coloured-side up. Crack the claws and remove the meat. Place the meat in the shell of the head
To make the guacamole, cut the avocado in half and remove the stone. Peel away the skin and cut into 2.5cm chunks
Using a fork, roughly mash the avocado and add the red onion, chilli, crème fraîche, coriander and salt and pepper. Finish with the juice of one lime, or to taste
To make the fennel salad, use a mandolin or sharp knife to finely slice the fennel. Put in a bowl and add the tarragon, chervil, dill and a squeeze of lime. Add the olive oil and season with salt and pepper. Mix well
To finish, place half a lobster on each dish and accompany with a pile of marinated fennel and a generous spoonful of the guacamole
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Fennel salad

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Succulent lobster is served with fennel salad and chunky guacamole in this dish by Shaun Rankin. This is a wonderfully fresh-tasting lobster recipe.