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Shaun Rankin

Shaun Rankin

The quality of local seafood, too, is exquisite, with a varied selection of fish available due to Jersey’s famous tidal movements. Shaun Rankin is a keen fisherman himself and he has been sourcing quality seafood from the Fresh Fish Company for over 20 years. He maintains an excellent relationship with a number of other Jersey producers including Fungi Delecti, the scientific suppliers of mushrooms who practise sustainable methods. Shaun Rankin even employs the services of a forager to provide the restaurant with sea herbs and other delicacies.

Even the blending of cultural styles and influences on Shaun Rankin’s menu seem in some way to reflect Jersey’s position as a British island in such close proximity to France – this is, after all, a restaurant where diners can start their meal with roasted foie gras and end on treacle tart. The tart, served with clotted cream and raspberry coulis, is one of Shaun Rankin’s staple creations and it was with this dessert that he won Great British Menu in 2009.

Despite his high levels of success Shaun Rankin has not forgotten the journey it took to get there. As a young chef he was given the chance of a three year apprenticeship, citing this as the opportunity that changed his life. In turn Shaun Rankin takes on apprentices at Ormer, hoping to provide some inspiration to young chefs at the beginning of their careers.

In addition to Ormer, Shaun Rankin also runs a deli on Jersey, the Don Street Deli, which he opened in 2013. The deli offers an affordable range of freshly baked goodies, quality local produce and luxury artisanal goods sourced by the chef from all over Europe. In 2014 it was announced that Shaun Rankin accepted the challenge of overseeing the food and drinks at high end London club 12 Hay Hill, giving mainland British foodies an opportunity – albeit a rather exclusive one – to sample such treasures as hand-dived scallops and Jersey Royals prepared by the undisputed authority on Jersey cuisine.