Making Hot Cross Bun Bread & Butter Pudding

By Mecca Ibrahim •

Happy Easter! Over the next few days you'll probably be eating a variety of chocolate goodies and on Good Friday lots of Hot Cross Buns.  At Great British Chefs we've had our fair share of buns for a while, and our Head of Social Media wanted to use up some of leftovers with a Hot Cross Bun bread & butter pudding. Paul Heathcote has a lovely recipe for Bread & Butter Pudding on our site & armed with that as a guide see how she got on. Paul even gave some serving suggestions on Twitter .....

Hot Cross Bun Bread & Butter Pudding

Blog post by Mecca Ibrahim

Most people who know me know I like a good bread and butter pudding.  I've made it using all sorts of bread, a favourite being Panettone.  I've also used different "dried fruit" to go between the bread - preserved ginger and marmalade worked very well.  At Great British Chefs I've made Delia Smith's amazing Chocolate Bread and Butter pudding a number of times - it's surprisingly easy yet tastes incredible.  However, I've never made bread & butter pudding with Hot Cross Buns before.

It's a great way to use up leftover or slightly stale Hot Cross Buns to have as a dessert on Easter Sunday or any time over the Easter holiday.

Using a number of recipes as a reference here's the basic guide

• 6 hot cross buns
• 50g butter  - soft enough to spread
• 3 eggs
• 60g caster sugar
• 1 tsp vanilla essence
• 250 ml milk
• 150 ml double cream


1. Pre heat the oven to 170C/325F/Gas3 and butter an oven proof dish

2. Slice the hot cross buns in halves and butter both sides of the bottom halves and then arrange in an oven dish.  

3. Whisk together the remaining ingredients and slowly pour half the mixture over the bottom halves, ensuring everything is covered. 

4. Butter the top halves of the buns, place on top of the bottom halves.  Dot with a few bits of butter to make sure the tops don't get too dark. Then pour the rest of the mixture over the buns.  Ideally leave to soak for about an hour but I made at lunchtime so just put in the oven after only five minutes soaking!

5. Bake for about 45 minutes or until puffy and dark rich brown.  

Hot Cross Bun Bread & Butter Pudding

As mentioned before the recipe owes a lot to Paul Heathcote's Bread & Butter Pudding, so I tweeted this and Paul asked how it came out

Once I got over the excitement of Paul Heathcote asking how something I had cooked turned out, I said it worked quite well and wasn't as "bready" as it sounded. He then gave some lovely suggestions on what to serve it with

Sounds like the perfect way to serve this pudding.  If you just want to remain traditional with your Bread and Butter Pudding, Paul's beautiful dish is a winner.

Paul Heathcote's recipe for Bread & Butter Pudding

There's more Easter recipe ideas in our collection and on our Easter Baking blog post.

What are your tips for making the perfect Bread and Butter Pudding? Have you ever tried making it with Hot Cross Buns?  What other breads or fillings have you used?  We're discussing these questions over on Great British Chefs Facebook Page.


Hi pat hear this my verision of hot cross buns. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YXxQglZ9LWQ
18 April 2014

Mecca Ibrahim

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