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Turbot usuzukuri with chilli ponzu

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Kobujime Turbot

Ichimi sudachi ponzu (chilli ponzu)

To serve

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Begin by preparing the kobujime turbot. Using a damp cloth, wipe the kombu to clean off any dust. Sprinkle the salt evenly across both sides of the fish, then wrap it tightly in kombu and leave to rest for 6 hours
Meanwhile, make the chilli ponzu. In a small dish, mix together all of the ingredients when thoroughly combined. Adjust the ingredients to taste if desired, then set aside until required
To serve, unwrap the turbot from the kombu and gently wash off the salt. Using a very sharp knife, cut the turbot into very thin slices and arrange across a serving platter
Sprinkle over edible flowers to garnish and serve immediately with the ponzu on the side for dipping
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Turbot usuzukuri with chilli ponzu


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