Nam chub (Thai shrimp paste relish)

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Spicy, salty and the perfect accompaniment to rice, Thai relishes are a key part of the cuisine. They tend to be served with herbs or vegetables like cucumbers or long beans. Luke Farrell notes that 'this salty paste called nam chub is on every table in southern Thai khao gaeng restaurants' and explains that 'the little black dots in Thai shrimp paste are the eyes, a lot of them peppered through the paste denotes high quality.' Calamansi limes are best for this relish, but regular limes work too.

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First published in 2023






Pound the shrimp paste with the salt, garlic, coriander root and chillies in a pestle and mortar. Then, add the palm sugar and pound again


Add the lime juice and warm water to combine. It should be hot, sour and salty


Enjoy, stirred through hot rice and with a selection of herbs and vegetables. Cucumber, celery, iceberg lettuce, radishes, Thai eggplant slices, long beans, green mango and sprigs of curry leaf all work well

First published in 2023

Chef Luke Farrell introduces Londoners to the lesser-known herbs, roots and pastes of southern Thailand, using plants which are grown in his tropical greenhouses in Dorset at his restaurants Speedboat Bar and Plaza Khao Gaeng.

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