Smoky caponata with chargrilled halloumi


This Sicilian-inspired dish is elevated by the rich and smoky flavours of the charred vegetables, cooked down with tangy capers, olives and red wine vinegar. A spoon of honey adds that needed touch of sweetness to balance out all of the flavours of the caponata, which is then topped with lightly charred halloumi and pine nuts

First published in 2024





Char-grilled halloumi

  • 400g of halloumi, sliced into strips
  • 3 tbsp of olive oil



  • Barbecue



Begin by preparing the grill for direct cooking. Take the aubergine, white onions, tomatoes, bell pepper and celery stalk and place them all on the hot grill and cook for 10–15 minutes, or until lightly charred and tender


Remove the vegetables from the grill, then leave to cool for a couple of minutes. Discard any overly blackened pieces and the onion skin, then roughly chop all of the vegetables except for the tomatoes


Heat the olive oil in a large pot over medium heat, then add in all of the barbecued vegetables

  • 2 tbsp of olive oil

Let them cook for a couple of minutes, stirring to break down the tomatoes, then add in the garlic, capers, green olives and raisins 


Leave to cook for around 5 minutes before adding in the bay leaf and red pepper flakes 


After 2 minutes of cooking, add in the red wine vinegar and leave to simmer and cook out for a couple of minutes before adding the chopped herbs


Taste and season with salt and pepper, then leave to gently simmer for 10 minutes


Meanwhile, slice the halloumi and brush with the olive oil. Cook on the grill for a couple of minutes on either side until nicely charred

  • 400g of halloumi, sliced into strips
  • 3 tbsp of olive oil

To serve, spoon the caponata into serving bowls and top with the halloumi. Garnish with the pine nuts, parsley, olive oil, salt and pepper 

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