Skate cheeks with dill and caper mayonnaise


First published in 2017
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Skate cheeks

Dill and caper mayonaise

To serve

First, mix together the flour with the garlic salt, cayenne pepper, cracked black pepper and finely chopped parsley
Then dredge the skate cheeks in the flour, making sure everything is evenly coated and tap to remove excess flour
Place into the Actifry, drizzle over one spoonful of groundnut oil and cook for 8–10 minutes, until lightly golden and crisp
Meanwhile, make the mayonnaise by mixing the eggs, Dijon mustard and white wine vinegar in a blender, until pale and doubled in volume
Combine the sunflower and olive oil. Keep the motor running on the blender and slowly pour in the oil, in a thin drizzle, so that everything emulsifies and begins to thicken. If it looks like it is beginning to split, add a teaspoon of cold water
Scrape out the mayonnaise into a bowl and add the capers and chopped dill, gently mixing it all together. Season to taste with salt and cracked black pepper and add a touch of lemon juice if the mayonnaise feels too fatty on the lips
Serve the crispy skate cheeks with a sprinkle of chopped parsley to garish, some lime wedges and a small ramekin of dill and caper mayonnaise
First published in 2017
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