Raspado of scallops with beetroot

Raspado is a Mexican street food combining shaved ice with sweet syrups – this incredible dish from Santiago Lastra, however, turns it on its head by combining it with scallops, beetroot and kohlrabi. With a toasty, creamy almond and sesame purée, the sweet hit of chilli syrup and plenty of bright, zesty flavours running throughout, every mouthful is a refreshing burst that still allows the scallop's natural taste to shine through. There are a good few unusual ingredients in this recipe, but Santiago suggests substitutions (and while we're all incredibly envious of his ice-shaving machine, some ice cubes in a blender will do the job at home!).


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First published in 2021




Almond mole

Chilli syrup


  • fresh habanero chillies, charred and blitzed with oil (Santiago uses kelp oil) to a smooth paste
  • fermented gooseberry juice, or any fresh citrus juice


  • Squeezy bottle
  • Blender



To make the almond mole, place all the ingredients in a blender and blitz until smooth. Pass through a fine sieve and transfer to a piping bag


To make the syrup, place all the ingredients into a pan and bring to the boil. Continue to simmer until reduced by half, then leave to cool. Strain through a fine sieve and reserve in a squeezy bottle


Place the diced kohlrabi into a bowl and sprinkle with plenty of salt. Set aside


Shuck the scallops, trimming away and discarding the coral and trim until you’re left with the clean, white muscle (watch the video for details on how to do this). Cut the scallops into small pieces and place them into a bowl. Place the beetroot into a second bowl


Dress both the scallops and beetroot with a teaspoon of the blitzed habanero chillies, then liberally dress both with the fermented gooseberry juice (or citrus juice)

  • fresh habanero chillies, charred and blitzed with oil (Santiago uses kelp oil) to a smooth paste
  • fermented gooseberry juice, or any fresh citrus juice

To serve, pipe a small spiral of the almond mole into the base of each bowl. Add the beetroot on top, along with the scallops. Season very liberally with salt – you need lots of it! Spoon over some of the juices in the bowl of scallops. Add some kohlrabi and samphire on top


If you happen to have an incredible ice-shaving machine like Santiago, dust it off and use it to shave a big block of ice! If you don’t, you can place some ice cubes in a blender and blitz them until coarse. Completely cover each dish with plenty of ice

  • ice cubes, either shaved or blitzed in a blender

Finish with a good drizzle of the chilli syrup and a final pinch of salt

Blending Mexican dishes and techniques with British ingredients, Santiago Lastra is treading a never-seen-before culinary path at his beautiful terracotta-toned London restaurant KOL.

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