Salmon kilaw

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Salmon kilaw, translating to 'raw salmon' is a very popular Filipino dish very similar to ceviche. Raw salmon is lightly cured in a marinade of lime juice, chillies, soy sauce, shallots and garlic and served up nice and fresh with crushed avocado and a tasty lemongrass and coriander pesto. Ensure you use the freshest salmon possible.

First published in 2022






Avocado salad

To finish

  • red amaranth cress


  • Blender
  • Piping bags
  • Metal rings



Begin by making the pesto. Blanch the coriander for 30 seconds in boiling water then refresh in iced water. Squeeze out as much liquid as possible then roughly chop. Place the rest of the ingredients into a blender and blitz until smooth, then add the coriander in 3 stages to ensure a smooth and even blending. Season to taste with salt and pepper then place in the fridge and leave to infuse for at least 3 hours


After 3 hours, prepare the salmon. Mix the diced fish with the other ingredients and season with a pinch of white pepper. Leave to cure for 2-3 minutes whilst you make the avocado


Cut the avocados into eighths, season and mix with the rest of the ingredients in a pestle and mortar. Crush into a chunky paste


To plate, spoon the avocado into a metal ring and top with the salmon. Transfer the pesto to a piping bag and pipe dots around the edge (or you can simply spoon some around the edge). Finish with red amaranth cress

  • red amaranth cress

Before taking a contract on a cruise ship where he worked alongside a number of Filipino chefs, Jeremy Villanueva had only ever cooked classical French cuisine professionally. Now, having taken time to relearn the cuisine he grew up eating, he’s the executive chef at Filipino restaurants Romulo Café and Kasa & Kin in London.

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