Roast Cornish cod, cockle chowder, grilled cucumber

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  • 4 hours plus time for the cod to cure and the cucumber oil to infuse
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This dish of rich cockle chowder with roast Cornish cod from chef Ben Boeynaems is balanced with some refreshing compressed cucumber and vibrant cucumber oil. It's garnished with a variety of sea vegetables, including sea aster and rock samphire

First published in 2022





Chlorophyll Oil

  • 500g of grapeseed oil
  • 50g of spinach

Cucumber Oil


Cockle velouté

Charlotte Potatoes

Baby Cucumber

For serving


  • Vac pac maker



The day before serving, brine the cod and make the cucumber oil. First, bring the water, salt and kombu to a simmer then take it off the heat. Set aside to chill


Brine the cod fillet in the kombu stock for 12 hours


For the cucumber oil, first prepare an ice bath


Heat the grapeseed oil to 60°C, then remove from the heat

  • 500g of grapeseed oil

Blend the oil for 4 minutes with the spinach at full speed in a liquidiser


Transfer the oil to a sous-vide bag, and submerge into the ice bath. Once cool, strain out the spinach


Freeze the oil for around 2 hours, so that any liquid left in the oil sticks to the tray. Once frozen, pour off the oil and pass through a fine sieve


Blend the cucumber skins together with 400g chlorophyll oil, and then infuse in the fridge for 24 hours


The next day, strain the cucumber oil through a fine mesh sieve


Dry the brined cod and portion it to 140g. Wrap in cling film


For the cockles, heat a pan over a high heat. Add the cockles, white wine, celery and sliced onion and then cover with a lid


Cook for a few minutes until they all open, and then strain the stock. Keep the stock and the cockles, and chill both quickly


Pick all the cockles from their shells


For the cockle velouté, add 700g cockle stock to a pan and reduce to 200ml. Add the double cream, crème fraîche and Maldon salt to taste


Blend the butter into the velouté, and then add lemon juice and black pepper to taste


For the potatoes, bring a pot of salted water to the boil. Cook the potatoes for 6 minutes, then drain


For the cucumber, compress the cucumber rounds with some of the cucumber oil, reserving some for finishing the chowder


Grill the cucumbers on one side, and then set aside


Blanch all the sea vegetables in a pot of salted water. Dress with olive oil and lemon juice to taste


To assemble the dish, first preheat the oven to 180°C/gas mark 4


Pan-fry the cod portions in a little olive oil. Once golden, transfer to the oven and bake for 4-6 minutes or until cooked through

  • olive oil

Cook 3 cockles per portion in some butter in a pan


Add the diced blanched shallots, 100g of the Charlotte potatoes, 300g cockle velouté and the chopped chives to a pan. Gently warm the chowder, and add 100g of the picked cockles at the last minute, to prevent them from becoming tough


Split the chowder with some cucumber oil, and then spoon the chowder onto 4 plates. Add the cod and grilled cucumbers, and then finish the dish with the dressed sea vegetables and freshly opened cockles

Ben Boeynaems began his career working for the likes of Gordon Ramsay and Eric Chavot in some of London’s most renowned kitchens. His refined yet approachable style of classical cookery has since led him to head and executive chef positions at The Goring and The Beaumont Hotel.

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