Polenta ravioli, artichoke and truffle

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The rootsy artichoke and rich, earthy truffle elevate the delicate polenta ravioli recipe to an exciting new level – this recipe from Luke Holder is certain to impress dinner party guests. Make this vegetarian by using vegetable stock and swap the Parmesan for a cheese made without animal rennet.

First published in 2015




Polenta ravioli mix

Artichoke barigoule


Chicken stock

To plate


  • Food processor or blender
  • Fine sieve
  • Pasta machine
  • Vac pac maker


To make the polenta ravioli mix, bring the water to the boil and then rain in the polenta. Cook for 1 hour, stirring occasionally. Make sure you don't let the polenta dry out and stick to the bottom of the pan. Add a little more water if necessary
Blend with the Parmesan, butter and olive oil. Pass through a fine sieve then pour into a 1cm-deep tray and leave to set in the fridge
To make the artichoke barigoule, peel off the outer leaves of the artichokes and snap off the stalks. Pull out the soft inner leaves. Scrape out the hairy choke. You should now just have a cleaned base
Put the artichokes in a vacpac bag with all the other ingredients. Give it a full vacuum and gently steam for 23 minutes. Cool and chill quickly
To make the pasta, whizz the flour and eggs in a food processor to make a dough. Wrap and leave to rest for 20 minutes
To make the chicken stock, bring the chicken to the boil in the water and skim well. Simmer for 2 hours then add all the vegetables
Cook for a further 2 hours. Ladle out through a sieve from the top leaving the remaining vegetable and bone sediment at the bottom
To make the ravioli using a pasta machine, roll the pasta out, making 7 passes on the widest setting. Working down the settings, keep rolling until it is 3mm thick making sure it does not tear. Cut in half
Remove the set polenta from the fridge and cut into small circles. Lay on the bottom half of the pasta. Cover the polenta with the top part of the pasta and seal well, making sure you leave no gaps through which the filling might escape
Using a serrated edged pasta cutter, cut into triangles. Leave on a tray covered with polenta until needed
To plate for each serving, heat 100ml of stock with 20g of butter, 10g of chopped truffle, 5 pieces of oven-dried tomato and three artichoke halves in a pan
Blanch 3 polenta raviolis in seasoned boiling water for two minutes then add to the truffled butter mix and reduce until a glazing consistency. Cover liberally with more sliced truffle
First published in 2015

Luke Holder comes by his taste for ultra-authentic local cuisine honestly: he's spent large chunks of his career soaking up regional techniques in far-flung parts of the world.

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