Pol sambol – Sri Lankan coconut relish

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Coconuts are integral to Sri Lankan cuisine and this relish makes a regular appearance on dinner tables, ready to be sprinkled over rice, hoppers and curries. Fresh, fiery and with a zing of lime running through it, this little condiment takes seconds to prepare but can lift entire meals with its delicious flavour.

Discover more delicious Sri Lankan recipes from the brilliant restaurant Kolamba in Soho here.

First published in 2020





Pound the onion, tomato, chilli flakes, paprika and half of the green chilli together in a pestle and mortar until they all combine to create a fine paste
Fold in the shredded coconut, then season with salt and lime juice to taste. Garnish with the remaining finely sliced green chilli and a lime wedge
First published in 2020

Kolamba is a Sri Lankan restaurant in Soho, London, owned by Eroshan and Aushi Meewella.

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