Pimientos asados a la candela (flame-roasted peppers)

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This extremely simple recipe from Spanish Malaga-based chef Dani Carnero simply combines roasted red peppers, egg yolks and olive oil. The cooking at Carnero's restaurant is all done over live fire, and roasting these peppers over a wood fire gives the whole dish a delicious extra dimension.

First published in 2023




For the roasted red peppers

For the yolk



Preheat the grill to high


Blister the peppers under the grill, turning frequently until they are soft and charred all over, about 15-20 minutes


Peel the peppers, removing all the charred skin and stems. Season the peppers lightly with salt. Add them to a cast iron skillet and cover with olive oil

  • olive oil, enough to cover the peppers
  • salt

Cook the peppers very slowly in the olive oil in the skillet for 3 hours. The oil should be approximately 180°C


While the peppers cook, make the mayonnaise. Emulsify the oil into the egg yolk, starting just drop by drop and then increasing to a steady stream


Serve a piece of roasted pepper with the emulsification on the side

First published in 2023

Dani Carnero began his career working in some of Spain’s greatest kitchens, including under Ferran Adrià at El Bulli and has since gone on to open a number of restaurants of his own in Málaga, including the Michelin-starred Kaleja. There, he aims to showcase the traditional cookery style of Málaga, using the exquisite local produce to do so.

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