Breast of partridge with shiitake mushroom, baby artichoke, haricot vert and truffle


First published in 2015
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Breast of partridge

Preheat the oven to 190°C/Gas mark 5. Season the partridge crown and then lightly colour in a little oil and butter, in a hot pan. Then, transfer to the oven and roast for 6-8 minutes. Allow to cool
Quarter 2 of the mushrooms and sauté in oil and butter until soft, season well. Slice the remaining mushrooms very thinly and again sauté very quickly in a little oil and butter before transferring onto a cloth
Carve the breasts away from the carcass and remove the skin. Lay the sliced mushrooms on top of the breasts. Trim the edges with a sharp knife and place on a cooling rack
Boil the green beans in a pan of water. Let down half of the Jerusalem artichoke purée with a little milk, season and then add a dash of vegetal powder. Bring to the boil and then quickly pour over each breast in one smooth motion
To assemble, place a small amount of purée on each plate, quarter the baby globe artichokes and dress with a little olive oil. Arrange with the green beans, sautéed shitake mushrooms and sliced truffle. Place the partridge breast on top and finish with a dash of truffle vinaigrette
First published in 2015
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