Fermented orange, fennel and marinated feta salad

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  • 30 minutes plus 5 days for the oranges to ferment
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This salad is full of lovely contrasts: the oranges are sweet, yet slightly sour and fizzy from their fermentation; the feta is tangy yet creamy and a lovely contrast to the crisp fennel. Marinating the feta brings extra flavour to this salad, too, and means it keeps really well in the fridge preserved in its oil. Transfer the oranges to the fridge too, once you’re happy with the flavour. This will stop the fermentation process.

First published in 2023




Fermented oranges

Marinated feta





Make the fermented oranges by combining all the ingredients in a sterilised jar


Seal and leave for 5 days, opening the jar each day to ‘burp’ it (release the gases that have built up inside)


Combine the feta with the marinade ingredients in a small container, ensuring the cheese is fully covered with oil. Leave for at least a few hours or overnight - the cheese will keep in the oil for 2-3 weeks


Combine the dressing ingredients with 2 tablespoons of fermented orange brine in a clean lidded jar or bowl and shake or whisk to combine


To assemble the salad, arrange the fennel on a plate with some of the orange segments, crumbled feta and dill. Drizzle over the dressing and serve

First published in 2023

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