Monkfish fingers wrapped in Parma ham with lemon, thyme and pepper

Monkfish fingers with lemon, thyme and pepper, wrapped in Parma ham


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These are super easy and very quick to make. The meaty monkfish goes beautifully with the Parma ham, with woody notes of thyme and citrus zest. Season with cracked black pepper only as the ham will be salty enough as it is. The tartare sauce is slightly lighter than your regular version – a smidgen of crème fraîche goes into the mix for a touch of sourness. And I have used shop-bought mayonnaise to cut down on the faff. Perfect with fizz.

Preheat your oven to 180°C/gas mark 4
To begin, remove the membrane from the monkfish and cut into even goujons
Lay a monkfish slice at one end of the Parma ham, sprinkle with some lemon zest, thyme and black pepper, then roll towards the end. Repeat this with all the other pieces
Place all the fingers onto a baking tray and place into the oven for 8 minutes
Whilst the fish is cooking, prepare the tartare sauce. Mix together the mayo, crème fraîche, capers, cornichons and parsley. Season to taste and add a dash of the lemon juice
Once cooked, transfer the monkfish to a serving plate, with you tartare sauce placed in the centre in a ramekin
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