Migas aragonesas

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In this traditional Aragonese dish, dried bread is fried with bacon, topped with a fried egg and garnished with grated, preserved black truffle. If you are using very stale bread, sprinkle it with a little water and then set it aside for 10 minutes to soften. Take care to use just enough water to slightly moisten the bread but not turn it into mush.

First published in 2023






Break the bread into irregular crumbs. This can be done in a blender but take care – you don’t want the crumbs to be too fine

  • 300g of stale bread

Heat a dash of oil in a frying pan and add the bacon. Cook the bacon until the fat renders then add the onion and cook for 10 minutes, or until softened


Add the breadcrumbs to the pan and cook over a medium heat until golden


While the breadcrumbs cook, melt some butter in a separate pan over a medium-high heat. Carefully crack the eggs into the pan. Fry the eggs until the white is set and the eggs crisp up on the bottom and along the edges, then remove from the heat


Portion the migas out between 2 plates, and top each one with a fried egg and some grated truffle

  • preserved black truffle
First published in 2023

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