Green romesco sauce with barbecued nectarines and asparagus


This barbecued salad recipe sees nectarines and asparagus charred on the barbecue to create a refreshing, complex flavour. The green romesco sauce is smoky, sharp and pleasingly bitter, helping to bring the whole dish together.

First published in 2019

This twist on romesco sauce sees green instead of the usual red peppers being charred and blitzed into a silky, punchy sauce. Here it provides a hearty base for a summery barbecued salad but could also be loosened with a little more oil and drizzled over charred leeks or spring onions as is more traditional.

This salad is completely vegan, but goes nicely with some salty feta or torn mozzarella if you fancy it.




Green romesco sauce

Charred asparagus and peach


To serve

  • 1/2 red onion, finely sliced and soaked in cold water for 30 minutes to crisp up and remove sharp flavour
  • buffalo mozzarella, torn (optional)
  • basil leaves, torn


Preheat a barbecue to around 200°C and set up for direct cooking
Drizzle a tablespoon of oil over the green peppers and rub so they are evenly coated. Cook on the barbecue, turning once the skin is charred black on the underside. When the peppers are blackened all over, remove, place in a bowl and cover with cling film – this will help the skins peel off easily
Place the garlic cloves (in their skins) on the barbecue, and keep turning until blackened spots appear on the outside. You want a smoky, charred flavour on the outside but still the punchy flavour of raw garlic on the inside, so don't cook for too long. Take off the barbecue and peel when cool enough to handle
When the peppers are cool, peel and discard the black skins, stalks and seeds. Place the flesh in a blender along with the garlic, bread, almonds, vinegar, oil and basil (if using), then blend until smooth
Taste and season with salt, pepper and lemon juice. Set aside
Toss the asparagus and nectarines in a small drizzle of olive oil and sprinkle with flaky sea salt. Place on the barbecue and cook until charred, using tongs to turn and get even bar marks
Toss the halved tomatoes with salt, pepper and a dash of sherry vinegar
To plate, spread the romesco sauce over the base of a platter, then pile up the asparagus, nectarines, tomatoes, red onion and torn basil. Drizzle with a little extra virgin olive oil to finish
First published in 2019

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