Elderflower sugar


This inventive elderflower sugar recipe is a nice way of preserving the springtime flower long into summer. Use it in baking, cocktails or simply sprinkled over fresh strawberries.

First published in 2019
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Submerging a head of elderflower in a jar of sugar is all you need to do to end up with a wonderfully floral flavour. It does tend to make the sugar clump up a bit, so is best used if being dissolved into something such as a sugar syrup or in baking recipes. However, it's wonderful sprinkled over a variety of fruits – just give it a stir with a spoon to break it up beforehand.





Brush away any bugs or dead leaves from the elderflower head
Place in a bowl with the sugar, mix around, then transfer it all to a jar. Store in a cool dry place
The head can be left in the sugar, or remove it after a few days if preferred. The little flowers are edible but you may want to remove them if they've turned brown
First published in 2019

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