Chilled broccoli soup, salt cod mousse, seared hand-dived scallops and broccoli shoots

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This summery indulgence was originally created for the Hampton Court Foodies Festival and is perfect for an al-fresco dinner party. The luxurious salt cod mousse, sweet scallops and chilled soup make for an exciting combination alongside this broccoli soup. Shay Cooper uses hand-dived scallops as they support a more environmentally‐friendly and sustainable fishing method. It also uses sustainable cod loin. This recipe requires 24 hours resting so make sure you start it in plenty of time.

First published in 2015




To plate


Salt cod

Salt cod mousse

Broccoli soup


  • Food processor or blender
  • Fine sieve


Start by making the salt cod. Sprinkle half the salt onto a tray large enough to fit the cod fillet, lay the cod on top and sprinkle the remaining salt onto the top of the fish
Wrap the tray in cling film and press for 24 hours in the fridge with another lightly weighted tray
Next start on the broccoli soup. Bring a pan of salted water to the boil. Place chicken stock in another small pan and bring to a gentle simmer
  • salt
  • 250ml of chicken stock
  • 4l water
Once the salted water has reached the boil, add the broccoli and cook until tender and starting to break down. Strain and place in a liquidizer. Gradually add the warm chicken stock
When the soup has a velvety texture, add the crème fraîche whilst still blending. Pass through a fine sieve and cool in the fridge
  • 1 tbsp of crème fraîche
Now turn to the salt cod mousse. Soak the gelatin leaf in cold water to soften. Gently sweat the garlic and onions in a knob of butter until translucent
Remove the salt cod from under its weights and dice. Add the diced salt cod to the shallots and cook uncovered for 5 minutes, stirring occasionally
Add half the cream and cook gently until reduced by half. Once reduced place in a food processor and blend until smooth
  • 125ml of double cream
Melt the gelatin leaf in a little double cream until it is in liquid form then add it to the blended salt cod. Remove the mixture from the blender and chill in the fridge
  • 25ml of double cream
Whip the remaining cream to soft peaks and gently fold into the cod mixture. Cover and refrigerate until set
  • 100ml of double cream
Cut the scallops in half horizontally, then season and place cut-side down in a hot frying pan with a knob of butter and sear until golden brown
When almost cooked through flip over and cook for 10 seconds on other side, remove from the pan and rest on a clean cloth
Gently place a neat spoonful of salt cod mousse into each bowl and arrange two scallop halves next to it. Pour in the chilled broccoli soup and garnish with broccoli shoots

One of England’s up-and-coming, ultra-talented chefs with Michelin pedigree, Shay Cooper started cooking as a commis chef in 1997, before he was even out of school.

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