Bresaola, gamble down farm short horn home cured, pickled vegetables

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Bresaola is beef that's traditionally cured for months to achieve its trademark taste and texture. In his bresaola recipe, Luke Holder reduces the preparation time drastically, without compromising on flavour. You will still need to begin 7 weeks in advance so make sure you plan ahead.

First published in 2015





Pickled vegetables

To plate

  • lemon oil


For the beef, mix together all the brine ingredients in a large non-reactive container. Add the leg meat and soak in the wet brine in the fridge for 10 days
Remove the meat from the brine, pat dry and wrap in muslin cloth. Leave to hang for 6 weeks in a cool dark environment with good air circulation, ideally a fridge or loft
For the pickled vegetables, bring all the ingredients, except for the carrots and artichoke, to the boil. Place the vegetables in a suitable container and cover with the hot pickling liquid
Serve the beef by slicing very thinly and serve with a selection of pickled vegetables dressed with lemon oil
  • lemon oil
First published in 2015

Luke Holder comes by his taste for ultra-authentic local cuisine honestly: he's spent large chunks of his career soaking up regional techniques in far-flung parts of the world.

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