How to use a mincer

How to use a mincer

by Great British Chefs6 May 2015

How to use a mincer

If you are a keen home cook and like to make meals from scratch, buying a mincer is well worth it. Aside from always knowing what goes into your mince, it works out cheaper than buying pre-packed mince, it will have a better flavour, texture and be fresher.


Mincers are fairly simple to use - food is forced down a tube and through a grinder, either by turning a handle or by the machine. Mincers can be used on a range of settings, from coarse, medium or fine, depending on the recipe. When using meat, make sure that all the sinew is removed and the meat is chilled prior to grinding, as this helps it hold its shape and keep it firm (it is also preferable from a food safety point of view).


Any cut or blend of meat can be used for mincing. Typically, slightly fattier cuts are used to keep the mince moist and impart a good flavour, but it can add a touch of luxury to include more expensive cuts such as rump steak into a mince mix. Minced meat is the basis of stuffing, burgers, meatballs and Scotch eggs, but can also be used for slightly more luxurious dishes such as Steak tartare.

Mincers are good for more than just meat; cooked vegetables, fruit and even biscuit and pasta dough can also benefit from a mincing. Just remember to clean it thoroughly each time.

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