How to prepare asparagus for cooking

How to prepare asparagus for cooking

by Great British Chefs8 December 2014

How to prepare asparagus for cooking

Asparagus can be purchased as whole stems or spears (the tender, top part of the stem). Before cooking these pre-trimmed asparagus tops, all you need to do is give them a simple wash and they are ready. Whole asparagus needs slightly more preparation - due to their tough ‘woody’ ends.


Wash the asparagus and trim or snap the woody ends off the base of. The point to trim or snap can be found by carefully bending the spears - there is a natural point on the stem where it will easily break.
Using a vegetable peeler, remove the outer layer of the stem, from the base to about halfway up the spear. This will result in a shorter overall cooking time as the fibrous part of the asparagus has been removed, leaving a tender stem
It is recommended to cook the asparagus straight after preparation, if you do need to store it be sure to cover with a damp cloth


Once you have mastered this technique try it out with Galston Blackiston's Sea trout with carrots, asparagus and butter sauce or Colin McGurran's Chicken with wild garlic and asparagus.

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