How to make beef gravy

How to make beef gravy

Homemade beef gravy is a real, comforting treat, and is a million miles away from one made with gravy granules, which normally don’t actually contain any meat! It is much easier to make than you may realise, requiring just the bed of vegetables you have cooked your beef on, some red wine and some beef stock.

Follow this easy guide for making the perfect beef gravy.

Remove your roasted or cooked beef from the pan and leave to rest
Place the roasting tray on to the stove, leaving the vegetables and any juices in the tray
Add a good splash of red wine and cook until reduced by about three-quarters
Add enough beef stock to cover all the vegetables and cook for 10–15 minutes
Strain the liquid first through a colander (to remove the vegetables) and then through a fine sieve into a clean pan
If the sauce is a little thin, return to the stove and reduce until a viscous sauce consistency, or if too thick, add a little more beef stock to loosen

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