How to carve a cooked leg of lamb

by Great British Chefs8 December 2014

How to carve a cooked leg of lamb

A whole roast leg of lamb can be tricky to carve into equally-sized slices, but with the right knife and technique it can be achieved - as this how to video demonstrates. Remember to wait until the leg of lamb has rested before carving, as this will allow the lamb to cool down enough to handle and relax the muscle, ensuring a tender and moist finish.

Place the lamb on it's side with the shank bone facing away from you
Cut 2 or 3 lengthwise slices from the section of meat facing you, this will allow the meat to sit flat on the board
Turn the roast up so that it sits on the cut area. Hold the meat steady using a meat fork inserted into the meat opposite the shank bone
Use the knife to make clean cuts starting by the shank bone
Cut across the grain in uniform thin slices of 2–3cm thickness
Holding the meat steady return to the shank end and cut across the grain and underneath the previous cuts along the bone to release the slices
Cut all the way along the bone until all the meat is released
You can now see and cut away any remaining meat around the bone

Serving suggestions

For more advice on cooking this cut, visit our how to cook a leg of lamb page.

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