USA: food and travel guides

USA: food and travel guides

by Great British Chefs 12 September 2019

See all our foodie travel guides and features about the USA and American cuisine, before delving into our collection of American recipes to get a taste of the country at home.

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The USA is a behemoth in every sense of the world. It's one of the biggest players on the world stage, its influences stretch across the world and each of its fifty states are jam-packed with enough culture to fill an entire country. But when it comes to food, it's always had a bit of a bad rap. Stereotypes of fast, processed and over-sweetened food cast a shadow over the interesting regional cuisines, world-class restaurants and time-honoured cooking techniques peppered throughout its vast landmass. Those who scratch the surface, however, are rewarded with some seriously good eats.

Take a look at our guides below to get an idea of just how diverse American cuisine can be. From the fiercely protected barbecuing traditions of the south and the Mediterranean-inspired cooking of California to the incredible seafood caught off its coastlines, the US is a treasure trove of flavour. Read on to see what we mean.


The Deep South is responsible for some of the US's oldest and most traditional regional cuisines, but it's in the state of Louisiana that you'll find the home of world-famous hot sauce Tabasco. Take a look at how the fiery, flavourful little bottles of heat are made.

San Francisco

San Francisco is a food-lover's dream. With entire districts dedicated to incredible Chinese and Mexican food, plus a clutch of forward-thinking restaurants making a name for themselves across the entire West Coast (not to mention some of the best bakeries in the world), it's a must-visit for anyone who's a fan of flavour.

South Carolina