Tilda: perfection in every pack

Don’t assume all basmati rice is the same – everything from broken grains to poor crops can have a serious impact on the taste and texture of your cooking. Tilda ensures its basmati is of the highest quality through a number of methods. Read more about the company and its many high-quality rices, and take a look at some recipes for inspiration.

When rice is done right, it's hard to beat. The aromatic aromas of perfectly fluffy basmati, perhaps enhanced with gentle spices or herbs, is one of the reasons why billions of people across the world eat it as a daily staple. But using inferior quality rice can cause soggy, clumpy grains that don't have the lightness and flavour you'd expect. That's where Tilda steps in.

By using everything from DNA fingerprinting to X-rays, Tilda ensures every single grain in its bags of rice is the very best. No broken grains releasing their starch and no poor quality rice means you'll be able to recreate restaurant-quality rice in your own kitchen. Add to that a simple approach to ensuring the rice is matured and sun-kissed for a stunning natural flavour and you've got a bag of basmati that can go with all sorts of other ingredients (which is why Tilda is known as 'the most sociable rice'). Thai, Indian, Chinese, Moroccan, Mexican – there are all sorts of cuisines that can make the most of Tilda's incredible aroma, taste and texture.

Take a look at the articles and recipes below to discover the best ways to cook (and eat!) Tilda rice.

A taste of Asia

Try this fragrant coconutty nasi kuning or celebrate an occasion with this fantastic eight-treasure fried rice recipe, full of luxurious Chinese ingredients.

The secret to perfect rice

Struggling to figure out why your rice is sticky, soggy or undercooked, despite following a recipe to the letter? The rice itself might be the root of the problem.

Pulao paradise

With a little bit of care and attention, a seemingly simple rice dish can steal the show at any Indian feast. Try these two incredible recipes from lauded chef Asma Khan to see what we mean.

Recipe inspiration

A taste of West Africa

For such an influential and delicious cuisine, it's high time the ingredients and dishes of West Africa got the attention they deserve. Read our introduction to the region here and try some of the recipes below.

West Africa's most famous dishes

Regional Indian

As we learn more and more about the regional differences in Indian food here in the UK, we’re starting to appreciate how cooking styles from the north, south, east and west can be completely different from one another. We take a look at how Britain’s Indian restaurants have become more authentic and innovative in recent years, and how that’s having an impact on the dishes we cook at home.

Asian flavours

From the fragrant, balanced, fiery flavours of Thai cuisine to the umami-rich dishes of China, rice is the perfect accompaniment or vehicle for an array of herbs, spices and aromatics. The two recipes above are guaranteed to please.

A very beautiful biryani

Looking for a standout midweek meal that's easy, quick and full of protein? Take a look at this beautiful seafood biryani, full of flavour and with a celebratory twist.

Breaking the rules

Combining cuisines can be risky business, but using an all-rounder like rice as a foundation opens doors to a whole host of flavours. Discover why more chefs are moving away from the rigid rules of authenticity and take a look at two incredible recipes that bring together ingredients from all over the world – with delicious results.

Fresh flavours