Pots & Co: Premium handmade desserts your taste buds deserve

by Great British Chefs 14 September 2022

Since 2012 Pots & Co have been hand making restaurant-quality desserts, which delight the taste buds and are ready to enjoy immediately. We find out more about what makes Pots & Co’s desserts so special.

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There are few things better than digging your spoon into a beautifully made dessert at the end of a meal; we’d even go as far to say that an awesome dessert can often steal the show. Mastering the art of dessert-making can however, be a tricky and time-consuming process and even the keenest cook will occasionally want to treat themselves to something quick, easy and delicious. The issue is that it can be very hard to find ready-to-eat desserts that taste anywhere near as good as something that’s been freshly made; however, Pots & Co are out to change that. Their beautifully crafted desserts allow you to indulge in something that’s been freshly made by hand, using the finest ingredients with no preservatives, in the comfort of your own home. And now they have launched their divine desserts in recyclable, as well as reusable, glass pots!

Pots & Co was launched in 2012 by Julian Dyer, who wanted to bring restaurant-quality desserts to the home kitchen without compromising on the quality of ingredients used and the cookery process, whilst also avoiding the use of any artificial flavourings or additives. He sought out the finest ingredients from around the world such as single origin, sustainably crafted fino de aroma chocolate from Colombia (classified in the top 8% in the world), and began developing desserts. Since then, Pots & Co’s ever-expanding range of pots has gone on to be awarded multiple great taste awards and they’re also now stocked in supermarkets up and down the country. How, you may ask though, is it possible to create something that’s both restaurant quality and can also be purchased from a supermarket. Well, it begins with the very conception of the desserts.

Pots & Co’s team of Michelin-trained chefs ensure that their recipes have been developed with the same level of meticulousness as any dish on the menu at a top restaurant. Partnering over the years with Michelin-starred chefs including Phil Howard, they’ve developed a multitude of different recipes, which are all made using the same techniques as they would in a top kitchen. From steam baking some desserts to using the finest ingredients and avoiding artificial preservatives at all costs, Pots & Co do everything possible to ensure their desserts have an unrivalled depth of flavour and silky texture. The involvement of chefs doesn’t stop at the development stage either. Although, you might expect the majority of ready-to-eat desserts to have been produced by machines in a factory, all Pots & Co puddings are handmade in their London kitchen, meaning that every pot is guaranteed to be exquisitely made.

One of the most special things about eating at a top restaurant is the fact that you know that all the produce used will be carefully sourced and of the absolute highest quality. In the same manner, Pots & Co have been dedicated to using only the finest ingredients in their desserts from the very start. Nothing demonstrates this better than the single-origin, fino de aroma Colombian cocoa, which they use in their chocolate puddings. By working closely with The Chocolate Dream – a project aimed at supporting farmers and communities in Colombia whilst also protecting the environment – Pots & Co ensure that their cocoa is not just delicious, but also ethically grown and sustainably crafted. Their Empowering Dreams project which supports and trains entrepreneurs, helping them start up their own businesses, is a project that Pots & Co are committed to for five years and beyond. Their commitment to using the best ingredients goes beyond the chocolate though; everything from the Cornish sea salt used in their ganache, to the freshly squeezed lemon juice in their possets has been picked for its flavour and quality.

Ready-to-eat desserts have somewhat of a reputation for being processed and tasting artificial but Pots & Co are showing that that doesn’t always need to be the case. By working closely with top chefs and refusing to cut any corners when it comes to flavour and ingredients, they’ve proved that off-the-shelf desserts can still be restaurant quality. So, next time you’re craving something sweet at home but haven’t got the time to cook, why not treat yourself to a Pots & Co dessert? Now available in recyclable glass pots. 100% recyclable, 100% reusable and still 100% divine.

Pots & Co desserts are available to buy at Waitrose, Sainsbury’s, Tesco & Ocado.