India: food and travel guides

India: food and travel guides

See all our foodie travel guides and features about India and Indian cuisine, before delving into our collection of Indian recipes to get a taste of the country at home.

India is, quite rightly, known as the home of spice. No other cuisine in the world relies on such a cornucopia of aromatic powders, fragrant seeds, dried chillies and crushed roots in the same way. The resulting dishes are often colourful, bright and brimming with flavour, often swimming in rich sauces, served alongside fragrant bowls of rice or simple flatbreads.

In the UK, the ubiquitous 'curry house' is often our first experience of Indian food. However, the dishes from these restaurants are often nothing like what you'll actually find served in India. While there's no denying these dishes are delicious, the real dishes served across India are far more balanced, nuanced and interesting. While more and more regional Indian restaurants are popping up across the UK, visiting India is often the only way to truly experience the country's vast array of cuisines. What's cooked and eaten in the north of the country is often completely different from what you'll find in the south, and each city and region has its own unique cuisine. Take a look at our guides to some of India's most celebrated foodie hotspots, then try recreating the recipes at home.

Calcutta (Kolkata)



The rolling hills of Darjeeling are home to some of the most beautiful and picturesque tea gardens and estates in the world. Join us as we take a look at what makes the tea from this region of India so special.