Catalonia: food and travel guides

Take a look at our Catalonia travel guides, recipes and features to get a taste for this incredible region of Spain.

Few regions can boast as much history and culture as Catalonia. The autonomous region in the northeast of Spain really does have it all – mountains, beaches, cities and, of course, its own incredible cuisine. The Catalans have always been fiercely proud of their culture, standing staunchly separate from the rest of Spain – and their ingredients, products and dishes are an integral part of the national identity.

If you're planning to visit Barcelona, Girona, Lleida or Tarragona (the four provinces of Catalonia), then take a look at the travel guides and features below. We've also included some of our favourite Catalan recipes to give you an idea of why we love its food so much.

Catalonia: an introduction


The city of Lleida might not get as many headlines as Barcelona, but for those in the know it offers some incredible eating. With rugged, robust mountain food to the north and the more Mediterranean, olive-grove-covered plains to the south, see what makes it one of the most underrated destinations in Catalonia.


Chefs and restaurants

Catalonia alone boasts sixty-five Michelin-starred restaurants, which means it attracts diners from all over the world. Get to know about the chef at the heart of the region's volcanic cuisine movement, before taking a look at what goes on in the dining room of the legendary El Celler de Can Roca.

Catalan recipes