All aboard: Richard Corrigan takes to the railways

All aboard: Richard Corrigan takes to the railways

by Great British Chefs 27 May 2016

We caught up with the Michelin-starred chef to talk about his upcoming dinner on Belmond British Pullman and how he manages to cook his iconic food in the confines of a galley-kitchen.

Great British Chefs is a team of passionate food lovers dedicated to bringing you the latest food stories, news and reviews.

Great British Chefs is a team of passionate food lovers dedicated to bringing you the latest food stories, news and reviews.

Train travel isn’t what it used to be. Ask anyone who regularly takes one and you’ll probably be faced with a barrage of criticism about how they’re uncomfortable, overfilled and invariably delayed. But it wasn’t always like this – in the 1920s train travel was the height of sophistication, with original art deco interiors, entertainment and the finest food and drink. Luckily, for anyone wanting to experience what came to be known as the Golden Age of Travel, there’s Belmond British Pullman; a train that’s been lovingly restored and now offers a taste of true luxury.

The train is best known for hosting incredible, one-off dinners cooked by some of the UK’s most celebrated chefs. Diners spend an evening being taken along some of Britain’s most scenic railways as they’re served exquisite dishes with matching wines. On 11 June the Michelin-starred Richard Corrigan will be hosting his first ever ‘pop-up’ event on Belmond British Pullman, cooking five courses of his famously tasty seasonal British food for just 100 guests.

‘We’re putting together a showcase menu, featuring iconic dishes from my past and some of the most popular ones on offer at my restaurants today,’ says Richard. ‘We didn’t want to be pretentious about it or serve over the top plates of food that are stacked high – that’s just not what we do. People who book onto Belmond British Pullman want to experience things from their childhood, so that’s what we want to give them.

‘We’ll be kicking things off with my beef tea, oxtail, celeriac and horseradish,’ he continues. ‘It’s one of the dishes I was famous for back in the old days, and I think it’s very quirky and fits the 1920s theme really well. Of course, we have to serve a plate of British seafood from Bentley’s which will feature our famous rooftop salmon, and then we’ll follow it with a summery dish of Welsh lamb with sweetbreads and wild garlic, which comes from Corrigan’s Mayfair. I don’t want to give away too much about our dessert, as there are one or two surprises in there, but it will be based around the white peaches grown at Virginia Park Lodge in Ireland, and there will be some delicious Banyuls-soaked Crozier Blue cheese to round things off.’

Of course, cooking on board a 1920s train carriage is a little different from a professional kitchen. ‘The kitchen on Belmond British Pullman is notoriously tiny, so you have to make sure everything counts on the plate and there’s no room for error,’ says Richard. ‘I’ve cooked on the Concorde before and had my fair share of private dining gigs on jets so I’m used to working in cramped kitchens and know how organised you have to be. It’s a world away from the kitchens you see on Great British Menu which are all spaced out with cameras everywhere – I’m always bumping into the other chefs!’

Join Richard on Belmond British Pullman

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Belmond British Pullman
Belmond British Pullman sets off at around 6pm from Victoria station, taking diners on a five-hour round-trip as they tuck into world-class cuisine